How to choose and trust the Proofreading Agency

Proof-reading review is an open, community based web-site for sharing real reviews of using proofreading agency. We believe that true reviews from real customers are the best mark of a Proofreading agency’s service, and we assist agencies to let their customers review them. Along with our community we operate hard to make sure that reviews are correct.

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2015 was a good year for Proof-Reading-Reviews, and we are looking forward to even more things to come in 2016. You can automatically generate a script flow of reviews from genuine customers with Proof-Reading-Reviews Business. No special software is needed, just a single email to us! To provide consumers with the best pleasant and efficient use of the website, we are optimising the look of the review platform.



Customer reviews are the core of the Proof-Reading-Review concept

We at Proof-reading-reviews are working hard to make sure that customers are informed about the agencies they use. Are they all doing a good proofreading? Does their support service stand out?
Do they deliver good service on their only promises?

Review is good for everyone

What is the best way to find out about how a company is doing than to hear it straight from other customers? Reviews, good and bad, open up possibilities to build reliability, popularity and reputation.

All Reviews is for you

This web-site was built by you and for you. By sharing your feedback online, you promote to creating a good experience for everyone.



At Proofreading-reviews we battle hard to match false feedbacks. We have a true team that checks all reviews and works with clever softwares,  making sure that spam reviews get blocked. If you see that a review is fake,  you have the chance to report it and one of our staff will investigate.

No. But we have the right to delete any review if it break our terms and conditions. In no other scenario would Proofreading-reviews delete a proofreading company’s negative reviews.

That is possible. Satisfied customers are happy to leave feedbacks if they are being asked.  Unsatisfied customers can not wait this long.

No. Our terms and conditions of use reserve that proofreading companies have to ask all their customers to leave feedback on our web-site.  By not doing so they break our terms and we will keep the right to terminate their account.

Any Feedback or Reviews can be blocked if they do not meet our guidelines. The Feedback is not deleted – we put them under quarantine in order for us to estimate its correctness.