10 reasons to learn English

Most of us learn a foreign language is not puzzling, why do we actually ought to, in fact. In particular, on the development of foreign language courses for the first lesson, the teacher asks the students what their goal of learning English, what reasons prompted them to take the mastery of the language. What would you answer this question? Why do you need English?
Since izvedyvat alien traditions, history and culture, you have to understand why you do it, with the result that you aspire to fuck with it. The courses will help the teacher to determine the motivation, but if you decide to learn a language from scratch, we will try to find decent answers to these tricky questions with you.
Often, as reasons to learn the language are the variety of beliefs. It is much easier to learn when there is a goal toward which aspire to. With goal-setting should not rely only on emotions, as this phenomenon is not permanent. The decisive role in the effort to learn English should have reason and motivation – conscious and well thought out.
The importance of mastering the language of the reasons must be commensurate with respect to the level of motivation of English. It should suit your preferences and desires come from within. It was then the target will be set correctly, and the motivation to bring tangible benefits. Set as English in contact with your target Рgo directly indirectly. Based on these relationships depend on their level of learning the language so that you can rather go to the intended outcome. This is crucial, as you have to decide what to produce stress Рsuperficial acquaintance with the basic lexical composition, or immerse yourself in linguistics and grammar.

Why learn English?

Along with the direct purpose, the impetus for the study of English may be indirect causes that are close to the subject: View of American and British films in the original text of the perception of your favorite music, chat with foreigners etc. Besides, understanding foreign words contributes to the flexibility of creative thinking and intellectual maturation of options.
And now take a look specifically with 10 reasons why learning a foreign language:
1. Rest. While traveling around the globe, you can always talk with the locals, if you speak English. Before traveling on vacation to remember a narrow list of phrases cliché language to communicate with the natives. Memorize standard tourist expressions, learn about the culture and traditions of the country to travel in comfort
2. The study or work abroad. If you are often sent on missions abroad, or you want to go to college or university in the UK or the US, you just need to get the basic linguistic knowledge. You should study the lexical composition, grammar and terminology that you need abroad at first to communicate with teachers, colleagues or partners
3. Transfer to the English speaking country for permanent residence. Permanent residence in another Power requires you to maximum concentration of forces on the study of language. A few months before the move is necessary to start learning English, to the time of arrival in your lexical reserve was about 3 500 words to communicate with the public, to the knowledge of reading and writing
4. Adding mites once prosperous future. This light may be related to the purpose of study, work, or personal development. Many opportunities open to a person who owns a language of international communication. Having mastered professional communication and explore the features of the state, you will be able to successfully apply the acquired knowledge for different purposes
5. Acquisition of new acquaintances. Nice to chat with foreigners friendly correspondence, business co-operation, exchange of outlandish experience interesting knowledge, expanding horizons for self-improvement – these reasons are often referred to as those who have already begun to explore Inglisha
6. Sensible supplement to the salary. Everyone certainly knows that employees who are fluent in a foreign speech, earned mainly in the 25% -30% less than their counterparts who are not able to communicate with foreigners. This first use their skill at times no more than a few times a year
7. Exercises memory. Have an outstanding memory everyone wants. The more you its use, the faster it develops. At the appropriate level it takes Exercises memory when it learned of bilingualism or multilingualism. Polyglots have exceptional intellectual abilities
8. Fun his ego. Any one of us imagines himself the most exclusive, smart and decent. Because the cause of outlandish learn to entertain your own “I”, to get a mental advantage over the environment, appease trivial curiosity, there is very often
9. Availability. There are plenty of well-developed methods, techniques and materials for independent mastering English language. Everywhere – in advertising, on the windows, on TV we see and hear a variety of labels, phrases, news in English. Which are deposited in our subconscious
10. comprehension of the value of foreign favorite songs and poems. You always nice to understand what he wants to say in the song’s favorite performer, and reread the classics of literature in the original look of the movie or without a parallel transfer – fantastic fun!
If you managed to find a good reason why you should learn English, then start to deal with it right now!