How to learn English topics?

All huge greetings! To quickly replenish vocabulary of English and remember the syntax, English topic – is the perfect remedy. Let me remind you that the topic – it is a short story about a specific topic, which involves full or partial memorizing and retelling later. Many are of the opinion that the topics to be taught in English by heart, others argue that this is not necessary.
Until now, there is debate about this. However, I share the opinion of those who believe that the topics are not necessarily of English teaching in memory or cram. In my opinion, a much better performance will be, if you understand the meaning of the text, and you can tell it in his own words, that is, to develop a theme, based on the proposed topic. Because everything related to the memorization of students never enthused. Therefore, the retelling of topics is not popular.

At the same time prepare the text – it is a very useful material. So I suppose the possibility that the beginning when you’re just starting to learn English, even the rote memorization and subsequent retelling can be useful for:

You need to understand that learning and retelling of texts in English – it’s not just useless, routine task. In fact, it is very efficient and effective way to develop skills in speaking. It can be traced through the reading features and nuances of constructing syntax. How to quickly master the English text? For starters, you need to prepare himself topic.

How to prepare the text to paraphrase?

If you need to prepare an oral retelling of the English language on a given topic, then you will successfully perform the following simple algorithm:

First, a quick run through the entire text, to read it.  Try to identify the most difficult phrases try to capture what I wanted to convey to you the author. Re-read the work, highlight unfamiliar sentence fragments. Based on the context, try to guess their meaning. The most difficult word to replace the simple synonyms that are understandable and accessible to others and you
Highlight the most important part of the work that you believe should be taught. Do not break the logical and grammatical structure of the work. If you are not sure of the correctness of the design, then pick out the parts that you are confident . Take the first attempt to paraphrase his own words in the correct order utter phrases and sentences. Pay special attention to correct pronunciation, if in doubt, look in the dictionary and check the transcription. Because mispronunciation would nullify all your torments. If you are a supporter of English to teach the topic by heart, read the first sentence, repeat it aloud a few times, then a second, then do the same operation with the third sentence, and so on until the end of the paragraph. Then try to repeat the entire paragraph in full, and then go to the next chapter, and so continue till the end .  Start your story with introductory phrases like «I will tell you about …» (I will tell you …), that students were immediately aware of the theme of your message Finish the story’s concluding words like «Thank you for your attention» (Thank you) to listen to understand that your message has come to an end.
I think if you follow this algorithm, you will significantly lighten your life. How quickly learn the topic in English?

You will quickly and easily learn any English text, if you break it into small pieces (5-7 passages), and learn each of them individually. These excerpts printed out, but rather rewrite the hand of each piece on a separate piece of paper the size of a compact. After re-reading and start to touch, get a card.

Try to grasp the meaning of each word, and the meaning of the sentence of the text as a whole. Unfamiliar words and complex to replace the easily pronounceable and acquaintances you tokens
Remember Micro theme of each paragraph. If the proposal is too complicated and long, then shorten it and simplify, removing minor words, or breaking it down into a few simple suggestions
Once you notice that you can easily remember and reproduce the main theme of the proposal to use keywords (noun, verb), you can add secondary elements (adverbs, adjectives)
If you have good pronunciation, read aloud topic recorded on the recorder, and listen to the recording By following these recommendations, you will easily be able to learn one or two a day Topeka.

In conclusion I want to say, memorize stable expression – it’s very useful for the development of speaking skills and oral statements in the English language, as well as to study and replenishment vocabulary.

I wish you success and good mood!

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