Writing an essay in English

Writing an essay in English – the standard specification for the exam. That is the job accrue the most points since the job itself is not easy. Even in their native language not everyone will be able to competently and consistently express their thoughts on a particular topic. What can we say, if you have to do it in English.

So, what is the essay? The essay is a short essay, the purpose of which is the transfer of personal experiences and views on a particular issue. It is a creative task, like writing an essay, makes it possible to characterize you as a person, show your world view, your knowledge, your potential.

As you know, to write an essay in English requires a fairly high level of knowledge of the language, and since this task can be called creative, you have to learn to express their point of view and develop a given idea. This art is quite possible to master, especially if you follow the plan, which we will discuss below. I’ll give you a couple of very useful tips for writing an essay in English, which you do not have time to help. Essays in English should include three semantic parts: an introduction, main part and conclusion.


In the introduction, you should clearly define the key theme-problem that actually you and will talk further. That is, you first have to inform the subject of essays, to paraphrase it with the synonyms of keywords. You have to show that to understand and comprehend the topic.

It should also be noted that there are conflicting opinions on this issue, and to identify what kind of position you occupy. This is best used impersonal structure to emphasize the objectivity.

The introduction may include a comment on the topic. This could be the definition of key concepts and your explanation of how you understand the topic. You can list exactly which aspects of the theme will be considered and why.

Main part

In the main part you have to share their reflections and thoughts on the subject. Your arguments are the arguments must be given in a logical sequence. You must present some arguments which will confirm your point of view, as well as examples that can illustratively to express your point of view.

In the main part you should also give some opposing views, which are at odds with your personal opinion, and tell why you disagree with them. Everything must be reasoned and supported by examples.

All the information in the main part to be logically divided (ie, the text is divided into paragraphs). You should be well thought-out design of your essays and correctly summarize the main part of the conclusion.


Conclusion – is the final part of your essay. In conclusion, you should summarize the arguments expressed, ie, conclude and confirm your point of view. Depending on the essay topic, it may be appropriate to give a solid and streamlined answer to the topic question. Alternatively, you can specify the perspective and the effects of a given problem.

In conclusion, you have to express their opinion, which is supported by the arguments discussed above. In conclusion usually it is appropriate to list the main idea of ​​the essay. In this case you need to refer to the introduction and draw parallels. But do not repeat word for word using a different formulation.

In conclusion, may present further thoughts suggestive question, quote, bright showy way (of course if appropriate). Alternatively, in the conclusion you can offer solutions to the problem under discussion, to predict the results or consequences, call for action.

Conclusion – this is the most important part of the essay. After all, in the conclusion it is all the value of your work, where you Summing up your arguments. In it you show how serious you are approached to consider the given topic and how much you are able to do on their own reasoning and conclusions.