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How to make changes in handwriting, in a set of computer printout or typesetting

It’s about editing the text, which the author makes a pen on paper. Cross out any element of text, correct the text, move it to another location, to insert additional text, a paragraph break for a few – these and other corrections must be made so that they understand the other person. That is, compositor, coder or designer who will carry your edit made on paper in a file set; as your editor, proofreader. At the same time that the other understood your edit clearly, no options.
I do not just have to read the author’s edits, to understand its labyrinths, decrypt unfinished word, wondering what to place in the text refer insertion. This affects the speed and, most importantly, the quality of the pre-press work. Therefore, it is important to edit The inserted was clear, as clear. For information on how to achieve this, and will be discussed below.

The rule: any text editing, performed by the author (and co-author, compiler, managing editor, the other participants in the creation of the text) is entered only handle.

No simple or colored pencils or markers used to create the text is not necessary. They have their purpose. For example, colored pencils or markers literary editors emphasize the headlines to show their technical editor hierarchical ranking. (Also, colored pencils, crayons, markers and you can use to mark hierarchical ranking titles for typesetter or coder: red line emphasize the main headline, blue – the title of the second level, green – third level. It is a clear and easy way.) So, crayons and markers are used to underscore, and not for writing. Blue pencil, however, not only emphasize the headlines, but also number the pages of the manuscript.


Those who have worked or work in editorial offices, knows that some editors to make changes in the strip are laid out it felt-tip pen or colored pencil. Well, that was different from other powerful hand! I think that this exception to the rule is a reason. Employees of such a habit of its chief editor knows, and none of them is not confusing. So – for God’s sake. Newspaper has the newspaper. But we are talking about the author’s revision. Pencil is suitable only for temp marks. For example, you can record in the fields of the questions that are going to find out, or you can circle the words that you want to specify. After clarification and refinement mark shall erase you – and there is no extra “daub” in the manuscript. Also, a pencil is pre-numbered pages of manuscript.