This is the other extreme notions of literacy in the work of the copywriter.  Like, I made a mistake, missed a comma – burn you at the stake! Because you are not worthy of the title of saint professional!

Only here what a professional? 

Copywriter – not an editor and proofreader. Copywriter – is the person who writes the advertising text for websites, brochures, flyers, banners and other interesting pieces. WHY copywriter to be 100% but literate if minor errors and omissions in the correct professional proofreading and from editing? If you, as a copywriter, able to sell WORD, know how to formulate ideas logically and consistently, then no missed a comma will not bring harm. Moreover, in the online environment has not been canceled the right to reject unnecessary punctuation. Because they are difficult to perception, as some readers stop barriers.  Well, certainly, not the number of missing commas and made mistakes.

Perhaps you can talk only about the credibility of texts and utility materials. After exactly clear that illiterate copywriter unlikely to be able to write a convincing and logical text. Therefore, if you want or do not want to, but shall be competent copywriter. If you are lucky and you have the innate skills – the better to save the equalizer. But if not (that’s as in my case), I just collaborating with a person ready to brush my texts. As for the posts and publications …

Maybe it makes sense to evaluate the potential usefulness? Sometimes the need to share information is greater than the need to wait for the equalizer. And, thank God that many understand this.

And those who come to be considered an error … So I’m very happy about it! Imagine how useful I and these people? :) After all, with my help, they take up so much of their free time, that is terrible to think!  Even if you consider yourself 100% but literate, I recommend giving read their texts to someone else.

It’s simple: We can easily see the mistakes of others, but do not notice her. It is a rule of life and work in writing texts. So if you have yet to corrector means, agree with someone from colleagues and even read the text of each other.