Let’s see why we have to learn English

Today the question, why learn English, it sounds a bit strange. The simple answer to it is equivalent to answering the question of why study math or physics. It is also important, as well as the right to speak, read and write in Russian.

As an international means of communication, and the official language of many countries, English has become firmly established in our lives. His knowledge can read the original works of foreign writers, watch new movies without translation, use foreign sites and, of course, free to communicate with the public virtually any country in the world.

Why do I need to learn English for business travelers?

Do you like to travel? Then our English courses in St. Petersburg – speaking or English from scratch – will allow you not to experience language barriers when communicating with foreign tourists and not to be trapped abroad. After all, in America, in Africa, Asia, and Australia speak in English.

Actively developing business and strive for international recognition? Then our Business English – option for you. Having the opportunity to learn English online, businesses are not spending the time to visit the traditional courses. In addition, none of the partners, and colleagues never know where and when you have learned the language so well – in Englishtown, or at school.

Why do we have led for example, travelers and businessmen? Because the two active travels the world category of people – some go for fun, others to develop and expand their businesses. And communicate and the others have the same much. Moreover, in different parts of the world speak in English with their accent and their own dialect. EF Education by the method ensures an understanding of the interlocutor in any corner of the world.

Why should children learn English?

Children of primary school age and – a special category students. Toddlers tend to teach the language of the parents, so that the internal motivation – own need to speak and understand in English, there is no need to talk. But our teachers awaken a genuine interest in the language, and after a while their own children are trying to learn new topics and for them to fill up your vocabulary.

English lessons for kids are designed to not only lay a solid foundation of knowledge that will undoubtedly be useful in adult life, but are also a “side effect” – eliminating communication barriers, broaden their horizons, develop fine and gross motor skills in making handicrafts and participating in related activities the study of language. Well, about the value of such training to school and can not speak.

Why do you need English to teenagers?

As a teenager, learning English is necessary, first of all, as the stage of preparation for entrance to university, the profession and self-affirmation. And about the creative possibilities with the knowledge of a foreign language and can not speak.

Own song or poem in English may be cause for envy of their peers. A friend on the internet from abroad in general will give a special status to any teenager, not to mention the fact that you can easily read and listen to the latest news of foreign music, movies, animation and game industry. After all, the most popular games and anime is out in English and translated into Russian just before the premiere in Russia.

Studying at EF, you get the opportunity to improve their status, obtain unique knowledge that will pay off handsomely when properly used.

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The worker, eliminating grammatical errors, typos and other errors in preparing for printing text.
Any written text, which is destined to see the light (in a book, newspaper or magazine, subtitles for the film, or in some other way), must be stated perfectly correctly. To achieve this result, the corrector is designed to work. After the manuscript is almost always contains bugs – they inevitably arise when typing and editing text on the computer, and the authors do not always have perfect literacy.

Meanwhile errors not only make an unpleasant text for readers (who also like the book printed, as if the author was in school, “two” in the Russian language?), But sometimes completely distort its meaning. For example, if the error falls into a mathematical formula that will use shu impossible. And if incorrectly write the name of the famous statesman or just confuse the letter in an article about him (“After the speech there was applause coffin”), it could trigger a political scandal and turn into serious trouble for the publisher.

Proofreader carefully proofread texts being prepared for printing, fixing them in grammatical errors and typos. In addition, it monitors compliance with the rules set and typesetting (for example, tracks that the text had the same indentation and spacing between lines), checks that were not reversed captions, page numbers, table of contents, and so on. N.

Proofreader – one of the most common professions in the publishing business, without these professionals do not do any publishing house, neither any respectable magazine or newspaper. Recently, proofreaders and invite respecting owners of Internet sites (although, unfortunately, literacy rate letters have not yet been accepted on the Internet). The work offsets are often organized on a free schedule: they get through the text and bring their allotted period have already been corrected. Where and when to work with them, define themselves.

Generally, proofreaders are people with higher philological education, graduating from classical universities or educational institutions. However, a diploma is not yet a decisive factor, because most of these professionals are hired by the results of the tests (give applicants texts with errors, requiring them to find and fix). Proofreaders needed absolute literacy, perfect knowledge of the rules of spelling and punctuation, as well as knowledge of the requirements for the text for publication.

Occupation is hardly suitable to someone who himself has problems with literacy or letter is by nature a man of very mobile and sociable. Need punctuality, attentiveness, diligence – after the equalizer have to read about a hundred pages a day.

The demand for offsets in the labor market is slightly higher than the offer, and for someone who has the necessary professional qualifications, employment problems usually not. Quite often, proofreaders combine their work with teaching the English language. The level of income is, on average, about two thirds of the average wage in industry and depends not only on the experience of the worker, as the pace of its activities.

Opportunities for career minor. To improve the level of professionalism especially nowhere, as is understood that the absolute literacy has even a novice corrector: to become “more clever” is unlikely to succeed, we can only learn how to do their jobs faster and with less effort. However, you can master the related professions, for example, to become an editor and then to make a career in the publishing business, eventually occupying higher positions (manager of publishing projects, the head of editorial staff, and so on. N.).

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Why do I need a proofreader

Faced with the recent opinion: proofreading work – uninteresting, purely mechanical, uncreative, poorly paid work …

Argue with that makes no sense. I can only say one thing: any job, if it is done carelessly, without a soul and commitment, does not bring satisfaction, not to mention the pleasure. Is the work of an accountant who is engaged in the delivery of monthly zero reporting, more fun and more diverse? But there are people who love their job and work professionally.



And to understand that such work can not be merely mechanical, it is necessary to imagine how it worked as a proofreader / editor.

Particularly interested in working with authors (and not with the publishers). Even if I did not order a literary text processing (ie editing processes), encountering an error in wording or language, I always stipulate these moments – or suggest your own version, or advise the author to alter. So the brain still has to strain!

And further. I love the language – its multi-variant, the wealth of synonyms (each with its own shade of meaning), imagery … It is therefore interesting to look for the exact words, to build a more “comfortable” design proposals.

And what about the realization that you set on zapyatashki sometimes radically dependent meaning of written! Of course, a great responsibility, but this and drive! About what “boredom” is all about? .. Remember the cartoon: the hero was in a fairy tale, and could forfeit his head if properly set up the signs?

And this, incidentally, is not quite such a fairy tale …

Proofreader – dangerous to work ever-memorable Stalin’s time, for example, no censorship NKVD not only errors, but even involuntary typos are not accepted. There was even a circular that required by security officers to increase their vigilance “in the struggle against the class enemy, penetrating the seal under the guise typos publishing anti-Soviet propaganda.”

And yet there have been cases now seem to us fantastic: for one single typo was arrested and shot the chief editor of the newspaper of the central Makhachkala. It is true that a typo was not just anywhere, but in the names … of the leader. And it is not any, and the worst possible. Instead, the letter “t” in black and yellowish-gray was printed the letter “p.” If for “Salina” Ufa equalizer put for five years, and for the “Stadina” just fired one of the editors of regional newspapers, for “Sralina” had to respond to the full …

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