No matter what you do – to publish a book, print brochures, publishes a newspaper or magazine – the first proofs must be done before the transfer material in the layout. If the materials in manuscript or in print, but on paper, first of all, put the material in electronic form in a text format. About how “correctly” you will learn to type the text in the article Rules typing. After the editor (if any), on and after the introduction of copyright edits the material for the first pass proofreader proofreading. Our agency will usually agree with the author of all corrections made after the equalizer and materials are transferred to the layout.
Why do we need proofreading marks, if any changes are made as a proofreader in the electronic version. The fact that there is another proofreading – editing of typeset material and the editing goes with a sheet (printing typeset material). We recommend you do it after the approval of the author and layout before sending the material to the printer.