Terms conditions


These user terms and conditions will apply to any use of PROOF-READING REVIEW’s websites
(referred to as the “Website”),

support@proof-reading-reviews.co.uk. In these User Terms, the words “we”, “us”
and “ours” shall refer to PROOF-READING REVIEW.

PROOF-READING REVIEW’s “User guidelines for using and generating content
on PROOF-READING REVIEW’s websites”, (hereinafter referred to as the “User
Guidelines”) in force at any time, shall apply as an integrated
part of the User Terms. The current version of the User Guidelines
is available

By using the PROOF-READING REVIEW Website, you accept to be subject to the User
Terms, including the User Guidelines. If you don’t accept these
User Terms, you are requested not to use the PROOF-READING REVIEW Website any
further. The registration of a Registered User requires your
express acceptance of these User Terms.

1 Registered User

1.1 In order to get full access and use of the PROOF-READING REVIEW Website, you
should create a profile and register as a user (referred
to as “Registered User”).

1.2 You should only be permitted to register one profile per one
person on the PROOF-READING REVIEW Website. The profile shall not
transfer it to others.

1.3 In order to become a Registered User, you have to use password.
You choose your own password and you should use with your own email
address when logging onto the PROOF-READING REVIEW Website. Alternatively, we send the
password to you. The password is personal and you should not
give it or in other ways make it available for others users. It should
be your responsibility to ensure that the password does not fall
into the hands of a third party. If you find out that the
password is or may have been lost, you should be obligated to
inform our support team. We can and will change the password if there is a
risk that the password has been compromised.

2 User Generated Content

2.1 To the fullest amount permitted by regulation the facultys,
(including many studious assets appropriates) in some fabric,
info, notifications, analysiss of stipulations or alternative characters of
communion (hereinafter referred to as the “User Produced
Capacity” or “UGC”), which are designed on the PROOF-READING REVIEW Website by Registered
Users, are licensed to PROOF-READING REVIEW for its stop-alone hire. The
Registered User shall hardly be entitled to share honorariums or some
else amends or toll kindred to such UGC. We might easily exploit
moreover transport the UGC. Our stop-sole way to voluntarily consume the
UGC shall impose irrevocably, lacking some schedule limitation further
lacking regional limitations.

2.2 Registered Users should be liable for the content of the UGC
they publish on the PROOF-READING REVIEW Website.

2.3 Registered Users warrant that all USERS posted on the PROOF-READING REVIEW Website
shall be correct and true or be genuinely
held .

2.4 User Generated Content shall relate to a company or organisation from which the
Reg-istered User has purchased the company’s services.

2.5 You may not publish User Generated Content regarding companies to which you
have personal or professional relations.

2.6 Registered Users shall not publish User Generated ContentGC on the website