Writing an Essay

Writing an essay and why we study English!

Imagine that you have received such a task: write an essay on “The causes of learning English.” You may have questions about how to write this essay, what arguments to use, what to name the causes, etc. That’s what we want to talk about today. Surely, many of you are faced with such a task, whether at school, at university, in employment and in other situations.



Reasons for learning English essays. How to write an essay about the reasons for learning English? In principle, an essay on the subject have to be in the arsenal of the student / student or an ordinary person, and then you never know how to wrap the circumstances. First, let’s deal with those, what are the reasons to learn a foreign language, then consider the rules for writing an essay, then proceed directly to the very essay.
Why do we teach foreign languages?
Remember the rules for writing essays
Getting to write an essay!
Why do we teach foreign languages?

Let us together with you, dear readers, to identify the reasons that people learn foreign languages. Why do I need to know how to speak English? In fact, such a huge number of reasons, and each person can be called specifically its reasons why he decided to learn English or another foreign language.

There are many individual reasons: someone will say that learning English – it is fashionable, someone forced circumstances, someone goes abroad and English – the language of the international level and it is useful everywhere.

Some, especially the girls, dreams of marrying a foreigner. Someone forced parents (if we’re talking about children). Some people just want to be polyglots and try to learn as much as possible a large number of languages. In general, as you can see, the reasons to speak the English language can be a lot and have each their own.

But we want to focus on common causes that will suit everyone, as well, which can be written in this essay. Speak a foreign language is really very useful and often come to the rescue of such knowledge in a variety of everyday situations. In our time, we can say that English replaces other foreign languages, because it’s an international language. If you speak in English – so you speak all languages!

English will help in the work, in business, in dealing with foreign partners, social networks, technology and computers. You can easily watch movies without translation, read books and listen to music in the original. With the knowledge of the English language is easier to travel, because you can easily avoid the language barrier.

We conclude: the reasons to learn English a lot, it is really necessary and useful to know.

Remember the rules for writing essays

Now, friends, let’s talk about the structure of the essay. Terms of essay writing easy and not at all wise. Here the main thing – to show a maximum of fantasy and imagination. So here’s what we need to write an essay:


It is the very theme of the essay, that is to investigate, analyze and comment in the written work. Do not expose the thesis and dry, so to speak, “naked.” Do a little introduction, introduction, which will introduce readers to date.


Three arguments
These arguments have to explain to you if you agree with the thesis or not, and why. Each of your argument should begin with the words “First, …”, “Second …”, “Third, ….” Can you imagine five or ten arguments – your business. But the three – a mandatory number of arguments, that is, not less than three.


Here everything is clear, the conclusion – a conclusion of your essay.

In your work you can also use quotes prominent personalities, proverbs, examples from books, movies and a private life. Complementing essays such materials, you make it more vivid, artistic, and, therefore, interesting!

By following these simple rules, friends, and you are sure to get great work!